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Media Training Manchester. Businesses and organisations in Greater Manchester, Leeds and the North of England are ideally placed to share their expertise and thought leadership with the regions' news media but most are missing out on valuable exposure because of a lack of skills and confidence. 

Greater Manchester is the second largest centre for creative and digital industries in Europe. Media City in Salford is a hub for BBC Breakfast News, The One Show current affairs output, Radio 5 Live, and some BBC Radio 4 programmes. It's also the HQ for its North of England news operation. 

ITV has a large factual and entertainment operation in the North West. The region is also the home to dozens of independent production companies. Channel 4 News has a production base in Leeds.

Steve Blears

By Steve Blears

Director - Bit Famous Ltd
Steve is a former BBC national news journalist, TV Producer & Media Trainer.

Why should businesses and organisations get Media Training in Manchester?

With hundreds of hours of news and current affairs output now coming from Greater Manchester and the North, organisations that can share their expertise and insight are in high demand. Journalists are looking for a diverse group of individuals from business and the third sector to appear on air and reflect the regions' skills, passion and opinions.

Media Training Manchester

Opportunities to get on-air. Media City, Salford, Greater Manchester

Don't let a lack of skills and confidence stand in your way. Media Training can help

At Marvellous Media Training, we believe an interview on TV, radio, or a podcast, shouldn't be something to fear, (although, it's normal to be apprehensive.) We believe it's something to get excited about. It's a golden opportunity to build your brand and establish thought leadership. 

Why Media Training is crucial 

In our experience, the vast majority of encounters with the news media are about an exchange of ideas. A call from a journalist or podcaster shouldn't be something to fear, it’s something to get excited about. 

We teach our clients how to share their expertise and showcase their knowledge, so they can establish themselves as trusted experts - all critical elements in building personal and brand credibility - Our clients rarely appear on the media once, they're welcomed back, time and time again.

Media Training that builds confidence and expertise

Our Media Training doesn’t just give you the how-tos of an interview; our focus is on shaping you into a confident and expert commentator in your sector. 

Our trainers, Penny Haslam and Steve Blears, are former national BBC broadcasters with a wealth of experience in daily news, business, and personal finance. Between them they have decades of experience at the highest levels of national news and current affairs, both in London and Salford.

Through their unique blend of industry insight, they'll help you develop the skills to keep your cool, even when tackling controversial topics, showcase your expertise and speak so people listen.

Practical skills and on-camera experience

One key differentiator of our media training is the amount of time allocated for hands-on experience. 50% of our training days are dedicated to practical on-camera exercises and critical friend feedback sessions. 

This isn’t about throwing you into the deep end, it’s a supportive environment designed to nurture your skills and boost your confidence. 

Manchester Media Training, on-camera experience

Practical on-camera experience

Cost-effective media engagement

One of the biggest hurdles many organisations face is the cost of media engagement. Many leaders feel it is too time-consuming to prepare.

Our training can create a stable of confident spokespeople with the skills to prepare effectively and quickly for a media appearance.

It'll also give you the tools needed to build fruitful, long-term relationships with journalists, ensuring you're the first call they make when they need expert insight.

What’s in our Media Training package?

  • A confidence building experience - With plenty of practical and low-stress on-camera practice, we support your to look and feel confident and expert on air.
  • A plan to prepare: Our frameworks and tools simplify the preparation process, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. 
  • The highest of standards: Benefit from our trainers’ years of experience at the highest levels of journalism. 
  • An understanding of the media landscape: We help you identify the best programmes and journalists who align with your brand and objectives. 
  • On-Camera Training: Develop your on-screen presence with our hands-on training. 
  • A strategy for success: Build a stable of 'media ready' representatives who can keep the momentum going and support each other in future engagements.

If you're based in Greater Manchester, Leeds or the North of England and looking for a comprehensive media training service contact us.

We'll show you how media interviews can become not just manageable, but exciting opportunities to showcase your brand and expertise. 


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Bit Famous Ltd - Finalist - Lloyds Bank Business Enabler of the Year 2022

Finalist - Lloyds Bank Business Enabler of the Year

Rave reviews for our media training

Matt Cody

Engaging, insightful, and practical

A thoroughly engaging, insightful, and practical media training session. I certainly came away with some useful tactics, a greater understanding about how the media works and some focus areas for our future activities.

Matt Cody, Investment CEO / Group Marketing Director at Bluestones Investment Group
Abigail Scott Paul

A fantastic job in boosting our team's confidence and ability

Bit Famous have done a fantastic job in boosting our team's confidence and ability to articulate and sell the vision and story of LEEDS 2023 to media, business and political stakeholders.

Abigail Scott Paul, Director of External Relations and Strategic Partnerships at LEEDS 2023
Brian Chapman

Essential for any organisation

The training they delivered was fantastic, effective and enjoyable. Essential for any organisation regardless of size or industry.

Brian Chapman, Director of Corporate Communications, B Braun Medical Ltd